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Marketing Assistant


February 24th, 2019

Legassie Financial Ltd. is an independent Financial Services brokerage, based in the Walnut Grove area of Langley, BC. We’ve been in business for 8 years, hold contracts with around 15 financial institutions and serve approximately 350 clients. We work primarily with families, providing customized financial strategies for all aspects of their financial plan. Our work includes banking strategies, cash flow planning, debt management, insurance portfolios, investment portfolios, retirement planning and estate planning. We also provide some business services, including group benefits programs.


We are looking for an individual to serve as a part time Marketing Assistant. You will be partnered directly with an established Financial Advisor and Administrative Assistant. As Marketing Assistant, your role will focus on the development and implementation of a creative and coherent marketing strategy. It is expected that this marketing plan will continue to strengthen relationships with our existing clients, and create new points of contact with potential clients.

Initial Responsibilities

  • Adhere to existing Compliance and Privacy Programs
  • Work with the existing team to understand the services being provided
  • Review & build on the team’s existing branding, client-materials, marketing efforts and ideas
  • Help to develop a ‘big picture’ marketing plan for the team’s preferred demographics
  • Create & implement ongoing marketing strategies, in coordination with the team
  • Continued learning

Given the nature of our business, this role has some flexibility and may be tailored to the strengths of the successful applicant.   There is potential for full time work and further career development, as you progress.

Support Provided

  • Existing administrative systems & procedures
  • Ongoing training and skills development
  • Flexible schedule and workload
  • A small but active team


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office
  • Related marketing or communications experience
  • Demonstrated creativity, and a desire to learn


It is expected that this position will require approximately 15 hours per week, with some variation from week to week.  Following orientation, we can build some flexibility into your schedule. 

Compensation will be in the form of an hourly wage, appropriate to the past experience and ability of the successful individual.

Applications should be submitted by email to

The next round of applications will be considered on March 15th, 2019.