Where Do You Even Start with Insurance?

Life & Health Insurance is a confusing topic, and most people find it unpleasant to think about death or health challenges – I can’t understand why.

“I have insurance through work” is a dismissive phrase I commonly hear from new clients.  I commonly respond with “Great! What do you have?” and have never heard a good answer…not once.

Typically Group Benefits Plans are weak in some (or all) areas.  This makes them a nice bonus, but you absolutely can NOT rely on Group Benefits to protect your family!

Of course, your final portfolio should consider your Group Benefits Plan as part of the picture.  But, we need to think about your family first.

Any good insurance discussion should start with an Insurance Needs Analysis.  We use a systematic approach that looks at the unique needs of your family, and helps us to customize an affordable portfolio that looks after your family.

The first step is a conversation…let’s get started.